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We offer custom business phone system services. No businesses are alike, and no business phone should be either.

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Blink Voice Phone Service
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Blink Voice Business Office Phones comes with a variety of standard features available at no additional cost. Technology is meant to make our lives easier and that’s exactly what Blink Voice's Office Phones will do for your business. Create ease of use for your callers, efficiency within your infrastructure and a professional feel from the minute they pick up the phone.

Savings 3-5 Years Approximately 50% of customers have mistakes on their phone bills and an audit can result in sizable refunds. A phone bill audit is an analysis of all of your phone and data services, from local and long distance charges and hidden fees.

New Phones Our relationships with publicly traded service providers give us the ability to extend our wholesale rates to the end user all while upgrading your equipment in your office at no additional cost.

Site Survey Planning and designing the entire network to deliver the required cabling, network components, routers, switches, servers, wi-fi coverage, network capacity, roaming capability and Quality of Service necessary to support your business requirements.

Custom Programming We offer custom solutions because no two businesses are a like, and no two phone systems should be either.

Date & Time Installation We make it easy to check or change the date and time of your upcoming installation appointment. We coordinate the installation dates between the cable providers and our phone/IT personnel.

Network Configuration Configuration of the network to determine the best course of action when a network needs repair, modification, expansion or upgrading.

Training & Analytics Customer retention is more important than ever for companies. Boost loyalty, reduce churn and improve operational efficiency. Immediately identify cross-selling opportunities. We offer Telecommunication Analytics Software.

Managed Services Blink Voice keeps your business communication open and undisrupted. If an issue arises, you can speak live with a Blink Voice representative by calling 1-877-891-2332 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The resolution process will begin within minutes.

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