Marketing Firm Phone System

Brand Awareness, Connectivity, Affordable

Brand Awareness

According to Wikipedia “On Hold Messaging” 70% of callers are left on-hold for longer than a minute. During that time, 73% said they wanted to listen to something other than beeps or silence. Music and Message On Hold will give your Marketing Firm a prestigious sound. Message On Hold provides free advertisement to the customers being placed on hold. The customer can hear a combination of a fully customizable message as well as background music.

Music and Message On Hold is a fully customizable feature with the abilities to upload music or message of your choice. Blink Voice can provide you a fully custom professional recorded music and message on hold.


Blink Voice offers a Web-Based Admin Interface that makes managing a Marketing Firm Phone System easy. Blink Voice implements a user-friendly and moldable Web-Based Admin Interface. Your I.T. personnel will be able to make any necessary adjustments with ease. Blink Voice Web-Based Admin Interface keeps your Marketing Firm in the driver seat, and we’ll be waiting at the pit stop should you need us for additional support!


94% of a marketing budget is spent on encouraging inbound calls and as little as 6% is spent on how calls are being handled. Blink Voice has set itself apart from the rest when it comes time to choosing the best system at an affordable price for your Marketing Firm. Utilizing our strategic partnerships, Blink Voice can sometimes even save you money every month. Upgrade your phone system with no money down and no money out of pocket.

Marketing Firm Phone System

Blink Voice offers multiple phone systems from the leading manufacturers in the telecommunications industry today. These systems are scalable and can be programmed to be simplistic or complex based on the unique Marketing Firm needs.

Choose On-Site Programming or Remote Programming.

On-Site Programming: Our technicians program your phone system in our office based on the features you choose to utilize.

Remote Programming: Programming before installation makes the day of delivery as easy as “plug and play.”