Telecommunication technology can sometimes be a frustrating language few fully understand. Blink Voice wants to completely reverse the stigma of dealing with technical issues by making it stress-free and progressive. Blink Voice is the new standard for telecom service and maintenance. Having technical issues can be stressful enough, dealing with correcting them shouldn't be worse. Blink Voice maintenance completely transforms the experience of customer service in the industry of telecommunication.

Managed Services

Blink Voice keeps your business communication open and undisrupted. If an issue arises, you can speak live with a Blink Voice representative by calling 1-877-891-2332 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The resolution process will begin within minutes.

Upon installation, Blink Voice puts your system on the BPN (Blink Private Network) which allows a certified Blink Voice technician to log in, diagnose and resolve any issue you encounter.

However, Blink Voice support doesn't end there!

Managed services take the word “service” to a new standard. Managed Services is the complete management of your telecommunications components, voice, data, and hardware.

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