Health Care Phone System

Connectivity, Auto Attendant, and Redundancy


Health Care Centers have a set of rules and regulations they must follow, every inbound and outbound call is important including paging and beeping in emergency situations. Blink Voice technicians are experienced experts in connectivity. Connecting your organization in a redundant, secure way allowing each network to operate independently and cooperatively at any time. Blink Voice will develop an inter-site call overflow worksheet to ensure your staff have the best tools, service, and experience when communicating.

Remote Access is crucial for Doctors and Medical Professionals. Receive and make phone calls from a mobile phone while protecting personal mobile phone number. Both Doctors and Medical Professionals can be in contact with a patient and have the office Caller ID show up, so they do not receive phone calls on a personal phone after hours. Blink Voice turns the mobile phone into an extension of the phone system.

Administrators can also make changes to their Auto Attendant remotely and turn on a delay or weather message.

Choose Web-Based Admin Interface or Comprehensive Management System.

Web-Based Admin Interface: Blink Voice offers a Web-Based Admin Interface that makes managing a Health Care Phone System easy.

Comprehensive Management System: Large Health Care companies often have internal I.T personnel managing the phone system and its programming. Blink Voice implements a comprehensive, user-friendly and moldable Management System. Your I.T. personnel will be able to make any necessary adjustments with ease. We program your Management System to support multiple individuals and multiple divisions within the organizations network. Blink Voice Comprehensive Management System keeps your organization in the driver seat, and we’ll be waiting at the pit stop should you need us for additional support!

Auto Attendant

Blink Voice will create an engaging and well-crafted recording that can strengthen your Health Care image. Allow your staff to focus on their tasks with an Auto Attendant. Inform your caller the directions to your establishment and options to select which department they would like to speak with.


Redundancy is an undisputable requirement in any medical practice. Blink Voice protects your system from power surges with battery back-up. You will also be set up with a disaster recovery automatic fail over should your system experience any issues. This ensures your business communications will always be operational regardless of the circumstances. Blink Voice keeps all of our Health Care customers up and operational at all times so that their business maintains its quality of service.

Health Care Phone System

Blink Voice offers multiple phone systems from the leading manufacturers in the telecommunications industry today. These systems are scalable and can be programmed to be simplistic or complex based on the unique Health Care needs.

Choose On-Site Programming or Remote Programming.

On-Site Programming: Our technicians program your phone system in our office based on the features you choose to utilize.

Remote Programming: Programming before installation makes the day of delivery as easy as “plug and play.”