Financing Firm Phone System

Conference Calls, Message On Hold and Call Accounting Software

Conference Calls

Conference Calls shouldn’t be an additional cost provided by the service provider; all of Blink Voice Phone System comes with Conference Calling included. One additional benefit to conferencing with Blink Voice is Password Protection Conferencing. A passcode will be emailed to all eligible parties and Blink Voice Secure Conference Bridge will allow the designated parties to join and lock once all parties are on the call.

Music and Message On Hold

Blink Voice offers a higher standard of professionalism and elegance for Prestigious Financing Firms. Message On Hold provides free advertisement to the customers being placed on hold. The customer can hear a combination of a fully customizable message as well as background music which will inform them of some of your Financing Firm accomplishments.

Music and Message On Hold is a fully customizable feature with the abilities to upload music or message of your choice. Blink Voice can provide you a fully custom professional recorded music and message on hold.

Call Accounting Software

Financial Firms have an obligation and a responsibility to keep a high level security. Call Accounting Software allows a financial firm to Record Phone Calls which protects the firm and its clients. Call accounting software will also allow an admin to keep track of the amount calls, duration and other stats of a specific employee or group in real time. Recorded calls can also be used for training purposes which gives the trainee an insight on real issues and real day to day operations. Blink Voice Call Accounting Software allows Financial Firms ensure the best customer service experience.

Financing Firm Phone System

Blink Voice offers multiple phone systems from the leading manufacturers in the telecommunications industry today. These systems are scalable and can be programmed to be simplistic or complex based on the unique Financing Firm needs.

Choose On-Site Programming or Remote Programming.

On-Site Programming: Our technicians program your phone system in our office based on the features you choose to utilize.

Remote Programming: Programming before installation makes the day of delivery as easy as “plug and play.”