Golf Club & Similar Organizations

Auto Attendant, Message On Hold, Connectivity

Auto Attendant

An Auto Attendant greeting is often the first point of contact for a Golf Club & Similar Organizations. This feature adds a professional effective way to have members connected with your club. Blink Voice will create an engaging and well-crafted recording that can strengthen your Organization image. Allow your staff to focus on their tasks with an Auto Attendant.

Inform your caller the directions to your establishment and options to select which department they would like to speak with.

Music and Message On Hold

Blink Voice offers a higher standard of professionalism and elegance for Golf Club & Similar Organizations. Message On Hold provides free advertisement to the customers being placed on hold. The customer can hear a combination of a fully customizable message as well as background music which will inform them of any special events, announcements and specific outings that may be upcoming.

Music and Message On Hold is a fully customizable feature with the abilities to upload music or message of your choice. Blink Voice can provide you a fully custom professional recorded music and message on hold.


Mobility is essential for all Golf Club employees. Maintenance Personnel are constantly out on the course. It is imperative that they can receive calls if needed for a maintenance issue. Maintenance Personnel can turn on and off call forwarding they at their work station with a click of a button. Turning this feature on will allow the Maintenance Personnel to leave their desk and all calls will be routed from the phone system to their cell phone. Blink Voice turns the mobile phone into an extension of the phone system. Blink Voice will develop an inter-site call overflow worksheet to ensure your staff have the best tools, service, and experience when communicating.

Golf Club & Similar Organizations Phone System

Blink Voice offers multiple phone systems from the leading manufacturers in the telecommunications industry today. These systems are scalable and can be programmed to be simplistic or complex based on the unique Organizations needs.

Choose On-Site Programming or Remote Programming.

On-Site Programming: Our technicians program your phone system in our office based on the features you choose to utilize.

Remote Programming: Programming before installation makes the day of delivery as easy as “plug and play.”