Education & Childcare

Connectivity, Auto Attendant, and Call Accounting Software


Education & Childcare Centers have a set of rules and regulations they must follow, every inbound and outbound call is important including paging and beeping in emergency situations. Caretakers are frequently out on the playground, gymnasium and many other places with the children that may not have a phone present. Blink Voice will develop an inter-site call overflow worksheet to ensure your staff have the best tools, service, and experience when communicating.

Auto Attendant

An Auto Attendant can be very useful for a Education & Childcare establishment when directing a call to the intended person or group quickly yet at the same time. Auto Attendant can give directions to your establishment, options as to a specific person or department they would like to reach and advertise events coming up. An Auto Attendant can also be customized and changed to inform parents and caretakers of any special announcements such as delayed opening due to weather conditions and early closing.

Call Accounting Software

Call Accounting Software can be useful in a Education & Childcare establishment to allow emergency personnel receive a call and a report letting them know where the call came from in the establishment so that they could respond accordingly to that specific area or classroom.

Education & Childcare Phone System

Blink Voice offers multiple phone systems from the leading manufacturers in the telecommunications industry today. These systems are scalable and can be programmed to be simplistic or complex based on the unique Financing Firm needs.

Choose On-Site Programming or Remote Programming.

On-Site Programming: Our technicians program your phone system in our office based on the features you choose to utilize.

Remote Programming: Programming before installation makes the day of delivery as easy as “plug and play.”